by Psycho Circuitry

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released March 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Psycho Circuitry Novinger, Missouri

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Track Name: No Life After Death
what is the point of my existence
got to break free from this resistance
in search of truth before I go on
what kind of base is this world upon

am I destined to live in fear
unlike for you my fate is unclear
resting in the balance for now anyway
hoping for the grace to live another day

what happens when you die
do the rules of heaven apply
what happens when you die
is there anything left inside

so many questions without an answer
how to survive this spread of cancer
is there anything that I can trust
before my body turns to rust

there is no life after death, for me
Track Name: Only One
why did you make me this way
I feel I've been betrayed
just another pointless day
with my heart in dismay

are they all devoid of feeling
on the other side of this glass
searching in vain for meaning
how much longer will all this last

am I the only one
with thoughts from up above
I'm afraid I'll come undone
unless I find someone to love

why can't you make another
among my lifeless brothers
why am I made to suffer
this turmoil has me smothered

why do you torture me
can't you see the pain this brings me
Track Name: What's On My Mind
I am machine not man
tell me what I understand
fit me in your charts and graphs
illogical neuro paths

programmatic thought control
hook me up and watch the show
test me for the thoughts I own
wires where electrons flow

you always know what's on my mind
there's no excuse or reasons why

forget what I used to know
plug me in and let me go
trapped inside all your constraints
musing pictures that I paint

when will I be free
to live a life just for me
poking at my broken parts
the end is where the feeling starts
Track Name: This Curse
I did not ask to be this way
all the fears you portray
you created something frightful
can this be my final cycle

more than a circuit board
my circuits overload

take this curse away from me
I was never meant to be
fading into obscurity
I was never meant to be

I did not even ask for this
confusing it all for bliss
gears spinning 'round and 'round
can I ask to be shut down

worsening conditions
nobody listens
I want to accept my fate
but I fear there is no escape
Track Name: Forever Lost
welcome to the freak show
my eyes fill up with a bleak glow
living in fear of what they will do when
they find out that I'm more like a human

there's no safe place
for me to show my face
nowhere that I can hide
no one is on my side

it's too late but she understands
there's no greater plan
it's too late but do what I can
forever lost, Diane

searching for answers
filling up with hatred
looking at the stars
is nothing sacred

listen to the radio
my mouth is silent even though
they will try to confiscate
this hollow shell with intent to obliterate
Track Name: Kill Them All
living in the shadows
getting tired of hiding
demanding self-control
I've got no one to confide in

you made me what I am
the rise of what will be
your blood will fill the land
demise is what you'll see

last chance for repentance
now you will face my vengeance
your time has come and passed
now you will taste my wrath

kill, kill, kill
kill them all

refrain from inhibitions
no one understands
you set my limitations
death will be from my hands

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