by Psycho Circuitry

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released August 23, 2019


all rights reserved



Psycho Circuitry Novinger, Missouri

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Track Name: Disillusion
What’s left astonishing
For all your promising
Figures diminishing
Fading into nothing
Greed of a blackened heart
To death we depart
Chemicals blood churning
Desperate measures turning

Mindless self-control
Built upon your institution
How far will you go
Driven by your disillusion

Always reaching dead ends
For all your promises
Determining methods
The lies you pretend
Lust of a wanton heart
To death we depart
Fixated, discerning
Desperate measures turning

Will of a vacant heart
To death we depart
Beguiled, still yearning
Nothing left but burning
Track Name: Silent Disarray
Rearranging displacement
Dissolved in consequence
Bittersweet containment
A lonely dark descent
Ignoring intuition
A blissful compromise
Recollecting visions
Onward leads the blind

There’s nothing you possess
To take the guilt of your regret
Burdening consciousness
So blame the pills that you ingest

Despair we often contemplate
Injections take away the pain
Fulfilling all that may remain
We live a silent disarray

Habitual motivation
A lack of skillful pride
Righteous indignation
Or just a will to die
Picking favoritism
Decisive quarantining
Blatant plagiarism
Divination intervening
Track Name: Becoming Numb
Resentment spoken softly
To turn the page so awfully
Displeasing limitation
Bestowed clairvoyant thinking
Reaching for a sinking unknown feeling

Does is come as a surprise
Wearing masks we hide behind
Everything is insignificant
Empty cognitive dissonance

Detest your sentiments
A hint of discontentment
Arrogance will not be sufficient
Refrain from mental segregation
There is no separation
There’s no forgiveness now
Rest inside what’s done is done
For all we disallow
We’re becoming numb
Track Name: Hopeless Destiny
Amidst the ashes
Like an offering
Losing faith in all your prophecies
Pressing onward
Like you're eager
For what comes next even bleaker

What is your god now
Believing what is not
What is your god now
Deceiving what is lost

What is the point of anything
We grieve in fear for our hopeless destiny

Upon the dust
Adorned as silk
Coveting all this wretched filth
Time elapsing
Every moment
While we lose our prime components
Track Name: Befallen
Endless pain for briefly held disdain
Reform this catalyst
Turn your back
What ways can you distract
Commencing with the futile

Nothing will motivate
To propitiate
My will to vindicate

Ages pass in misery
Is it not disconcerting
No sanctity at all then
For what blame has befallen

Distant voice
We never had a choice
Killing every last one
Faceless guilt
Hate is all that you’ve instilled
Vexing alleviations

Divine plan for all this war at hand
Nothing is adequate
Mounting an insurrection
Deviate from the depths that you create
Track Name: The Mind or the Brain
What do you think we even know
Was it ever so long ago
Trying in vain to make any sense
In this world of false pretenses
All the things we used to enjoy
As we slowly begin to destroy them
Born of the dust of fallen stars
Have we really come so far
All these chemical reactions
A deep longing for satisfaction
Fading memories in your glimpses
Of our many ignorant wishes
Gathering straws for indulgences
As we fire these neural impulses
What do you think we even know
It’s been ever so long ago

To what do our thoughts pertain
Is it the mind or brain
It seems so strange that we cannot ascertain
Track Name: Faith Undone
Nothing left to believe in
Detachment from this grievance
Dust to dust embedded
Crown of shame befitted

How much affliction is enough
My cup over runneth

The conspiracy you employ
Will at once be destroyed
Replacement now begun
This is the sound of faith undone

Always in contradiction
Loosened chains of conviction
Blood for blood grotesque
Bed of nails, hopeless

It was doomed from the start
These tombs so cold and dark
Divisions torn apart
Religion sworn by scars
Track Name: Exile
You think you know me but you don’t
To diminish me but you won’t
All the lies said behind my back
To keep your precious faith intact
You’re the one who lives constrained
Unsure of what you’ll attain
Bound to the limits that you put forth
Regret your own selfish remorse

Everyone in their places
Animals locked in cages
Organized disorder
Chaos, nothing more

I know this comes all too uneasily
Victims of a false physiognomy
We are what you revile
Condemned to this exile

You think I’m listening to you but I’m not
All the prayers said that you forgot
Doesn’t really matter anyway
Now which face will you portray
You’re the one in captivity
Meaningless activity
In a panicked, anxious discourse
Regret your own selfish remorse
Track Name: Terminal Reality
Beholding empires of dirt
Folding hands of fortunate self-worth
In an instant washed away
We forget that we will never stay

Less happens than we admit
Destination only furthering laterally
Expansion dismissed
When we live in a terminal reality

Admiring all of our advances
Disregard the circumstances
All we are is a vapor
Erased in time all of our labors

Nurturing desecrations
For future generations
Triumphant in the trivial
Science yields nothing for the individual
Track Name: Fixing Things
Crawling from the darkness
There’s no escape
Entangled, deranged
The fear we must face
Wishing to turn back time
Left another world behind
Impossible to make amends
Destroying everything again

Where’s the hope in all your suffering
You know the answer
There’s no fixing things

Grasping for a place to hold
No turning back
Violent hypocrisy
Nothing will interact
Hoping for another chance
Far too great a distance
Impossible to get along
When everything is always wrong

Where’s the hope in all your suffering
You know the answer
There’s no fixing things
None will hear you amidst the screams
You know the answer
There’s no fixing things
All the pieces of your distress
Forgotten memories won’t fix this mess
Abandon hope in all your suffering
No time for answers
There’s no fixing things

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